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Welcome to Our Place, welcome home. 

Our Mission: promote kindness, community, & sustainability by providing a safe and affordable home for young women transitioning into NYC life.

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Over the past 4+ years, humans from 6 different continents and over 20 countries have called Our Place home. Housemates are majority female & in their 20s.

Accepted applicants have demonstrated that they're coming to New York with a purpose - whether that be studying, interning, or on the job / apartment hunt as they transition into life in the city. We strive to facilitate a supportive environment where housemates can focus on what they've come to New York to accomplish. Check out our Spotlight Series to learn more about the people who have lived here.

Our Place is fully furnished - rooms are shared to keep things affordable, utilities and select food-items are included, and housemates become friends.

Perhaps you're coming to NYC for a semester or two and need a furnished space and like-minded individuals to share your NYC experience with; or maybe you've just graduated and are moving to the city to start your life, but you're not ready to sign a lease; consider Our Place.


My name is Laura, and I created this project several years after my own tumultuous entry into the NYC housing market as a college student. My partner, Phil, and I live at Our Place full time along with Bowie, the house cat. We care for the space & are an accessible resource for our housemates as they settle into life here. We share our knowledge, experience, and advice to help you write your own New York story.

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