How can I apply?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but we suggest applying at least 1 month prior to your move in date. There is a four step process to applying for housing at Our Place:

  1. Fill out Our Application

  2. Receive email with more information and invite to Tour

  3. Video Tour / Chat - once we've received our application and confirmed availability for the dates you are looking for, we will contact you to set up a tour & conversation so we can learn more about one another. This can be done online through a video chat, or in person.

  4. Application status - you'll receive an email whether or not we will be able to accommodate you during your New York stay.

Where is Our Place located?

We are located on the border of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Clinton Hill in Brooklyn and it's one of my favorite neighborhoods in the borough. Coffee & treats at Brooklyn Kolache Co.; booze & character at Dynaco on Bedford; Best doughnuts in town at the original Dough on Lafayette; Tacos at Swell Dive or Chilo's; and so much more.

Nearby neighborhoods also have their own gems within an easy walk, like Fort Greene Park, which is just a mile away; and Pratt Institute in Clinton Hill, half a mile. Plus it's an easy 8 minute train ride to Williamsburg. In fact, Our Place is conveniently just 1/2 a block from the subway (G train at Bedford-Nostrand station) which makes it easy to explore the rest of the city.

Is there a chore schedule?

Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves - wash your dishes after you're done using them; clean up any spills in the kitchen/bathroom; keep your belongings generally tidy / contained. However there is no chore schedule - Laura & Phil are responsible for taking care of general cleaning tasks (like scrubbing the tubs and vacuuming the rugs), so you can focus your time & energy on what you came to New York to accomplish.

Who lives here?

Housemates are majority female and typically in their 20s. Students, artists, musicians, and young professionals starting their New York story have all lived at Our Place over the past several years. Once we receive your application and confirm availability for your move in dates, we can tell you a little more about the people that you'll be living with during your time here. 

There are three permanent residents, Laura & Phil, and their cat Bowie. 

Where can I do my laundry?

Luckily, we have several laundromats just a short walk from Our Place. If you'll be working long hours, you can utilize an affordable drop off service just 2 blocks away - OR - use the 24 hour laundromat a 6-minute walk from Our Place. Please bring a laundry bag for dirty clothes. Some housemates find it easy to put their laundry bag in their suitcase with wheels for easy transport to the laundromat; we also have a wire cart for housemates to use for this purpose.

How much is rent?

Rent costs $695 per month. This includes all utilities, basic household items (like bed linens, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.), and some food staples (milk, eggs, onions, rice, potatoes, coffee, sugar, flour).

Rent is due on the day you move in and on the same date each subsequent month thereafter. There is a $100 security deposit that is refundable at the end of your planned stay.

What do I do once my application is accepted?

Once your application is accepted, the next step is to decide whether or not you'd like to move in! If the answer is yes, there are several things that we'll need from you to move forward:

  • A picture of yourself for the Housemate Wall
  • A copy/picture of a government issued ID (driver's license/passport/etc)
  • Confirm your move in / move out dates
  • Send us your flight number and arrival information for move in day
  • Place a $100 deposit to hold your spot (refundable at the end of your planned stay)

Who is eligible?

Our Place is accepting applications for housing from young women coming to New York with a purpose. Internships, semesters abroad, classes, temporary projects and more typically mean that individuals must find a safe, affordable, and furnished place to live for just a few months. Recent grads are moving to New York and need a springboard as they start their job/apartment hunt. Our Place aims to provide a home and community for awesome humans such as these!

Are there any rules I have to follow?

Yes, by placing your deposit and moving in, you agree to abide by the following House Rules, which are put in place to help maintain a healthy living environment for everyone. Breaking the rules could lead to your stay not being extended for the following month, or if the behavior continuously or seriously threatens the health and/or safety of other members of the household, your stay may be cut short.

  1. Be respectful of the space, roommates, and neighbors.

  2. Quiet Hours are from 10 pm to 8 am Monday through Friday. Please be respectful of other roommates as well as neighbors; different people operate on different schedules.

  3. You are allowed to have friends/guests in the communal spaces during the day and in the evening until quiet hours begin. If you would still like to spend time with friends/guests after 10pm, we ask that you go to a neighborhood hangout/bar/etc. to be respectful of others who may be getting ready for bed. We also ask that you and your guest(s) be respectful to other roommates and do not hang out in bedrooms, but only in the communal spaces (kitchen, living room, etc.)

  4. Please remove your shoes while in the house and have your guests do the same. There is a shoe rack at the entrance to store them! It helps keep the house clean :) Slippers/house shoes are OK

  5. Clean up after yourself in common areas and in bedrooms; don’t leave clothes or belongings laying around - keep your things in your dresser, closet, etc. In common areas, please don’t leave anything out overnight… computers, books, etc, should all be stored in your space when not in use.

  6. Wash your dishes as soon as you’re finished using them! This is important not only to maintain cleanliness, but also to prevent mice, roaches, and other insects/rodents.

  7. Label your food and other personal items and do not take things that don’t belong to you. If you have food or things that you want to be available for everyone to use, please label it with as "free".

  8. No sleeping on the couch! Everyone pays for a bed so please use it. If there is a problem that is causing you to lose sleep in your room, please speak to us so we can help resolve the problem.

  9. Absolutely no drugs are allowed in the house and to ensure a safe and supportive environment, we ask that while in the house you are not under the influence of illegal drugs (prescribed medication is OK). Disregarding this rule will lead to expulsion from the house.

  10. Please use alcohol in moderation. Do not drink to the point where your behavior will become a nuisance or threatening to others. No drinking at the house during quiet hours.

  11. No smoking inside!!! You may smoke outside only; please be courteous to neighbors as well, do not smoke near their windows or throw cigarettes on the ground.

  12. Please keep things platonic between housemates - it keeps things drama free for everyone.