Are there any rules I have to follow?

Yes, by placing your deposit and moving in, you agree to abide by the following House Rules, which are put in place to help maintain a healthy living environment for everyone. Breaking the rules could lead to your stay not being extended for the following month, or if the behavior continuously or seriously threatens the health and/or safety of other members of the household, your stay may be cut short.

  1. Be respectful of the space, roommates, and neighbors.

  2. Quiet Hours are from 10 pm to 8 am Monday through Friday. Please be respectful of other roommates as well as neighbors; different people operate on different schedules.

  3. You are allowed to have friends/guests in the communal spaces during the day and in the evening until quiet hours begin. If you would still like to spend time with friends/guests after 10pm, we ask that you go to a neighborhood hangout/bar/etc. to be respectful of others who may be getting ready for bed. We also ask that you and your guest(s) be respectful to other roommates and do not hang out in bedrooms, but only in the communal spaces (kitchen, living room, etc.)

  4. Please remove your shoes while in the house and have your guests do the same. There is a shoe rack at the entrance to store them! It helps keep the house clean :) Slippers/house shoes are OK

  5. Clean up after yourself in common areas and in bedrooms; don’t leave clothes or belongings laying around - keep your things in your dresser, closet, etc. In common areas, please don’t leave anything out overnight… computers, books, etc, should all be stored in your space when not in use.

  6. Wash your dishes as soon as you’re finished using them! This is important not only to maintain cleanliness, but also to prevent mice, roaches, and other insects/rodents.

  7. Label your food and other personal items and do not take things that don’t belong to you. If you have food or things that you want to be available for everyone to use, please label it with as "free".

  8. No sleeping on the couch! Everyone pays for a bed so please use it. If there is a problem that is causing you to lose sleep in your room, please speak to us so we can help resolve the problem.

  9. Absolutely no drugs are allowed in the house and to ensure a safe and supportive environment, we ask that while in the house you are not under the influence of illegal drugs (prescribed medication is OK). Disregarding this rule will lead to expulsion from the house.

  10. Please use alcohol in moderation. Do not drink to the point where your behavior will become a nuisance or threatening to others. No drinking at the house during quiet hours.

  11. No smoking inside!!! You may smoke outside only; please be courteous to neighbors as well, do not smoke near their windows or throw cigarettes on the ground.

  12. Please keep things platonic between housemates - it keeps things drama free for everyone.