Stay active in NYC for free with Class Pass


If you are visiting the Big Apple for a few weeks and want to stay active and healthy, ClassPass offers you the possibility to take workout classes for free for one month!



ClassPass is a membership-based app designed for you to try workout classes, selecting from a wide range of gyms and studios in over 80 cities in the world, with the option to cancel at any time.





How it works

Memberships start at $35, once you sign up you obtain credits to book a variety of workouts ranging from strength training to yoga, cycling and many more. First-time users get the first month for free, with 40 credits with which you can use to book up to 10 classes. The credits needed for a class vary depending on the workout type and studio/gym, but it typically ranges from 4 to 10, and up to 16-20 for classes at upscale studios.

Once your free trial ends you will be automatically enrolled for the paid monthly plan, but you can cancel at any time during your trial period to avoid being charged.



So don’t worry hold back trying all the food that NYC has to offer! Use ClassPass to stay active, energized, and have fun trying new fitness fads at little to no cost!


Percy's Pizza - the Quest for the Best $1 Slice


NYC on a budget highlights budget-friendly attractions, activities and food places worth checking out. What’s your favorite New York pizza place so far?

We’ve been on a quest to find the best dollar pizza slice in NYC & so far Percy’s pizza, located on Bleecker street, in the Greenwich Village nightclub district, is the winner! The compact, brick-walled counter serves inexpensive, thin-crushed slices. A great option to eat on a budget.





Well cooked, foldable, crispy and the fresh-tasting sauce distinguishes it from any other ¢99 and $1 pizza we have tried in the city. Percy’s is especially great when it’s hot right out of the oven, and it can actually stand on its own, not needing heaps of seasoning post-purchase.



A pizza pie at Percy’s goes from $8 for the classic cheese and up to $18 for any three-toppins pie. Plain slices start at $1 and most topped slices are $1.50. 2 slices and a drink go for $2.75!

Note it’s cash only, like most dollar slice spots.



Hours: 11 am - 2 am

Where: 190 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012 (a 29 minutes subway ride from Our Place)

Phone: (212) 388-1355 (for pick up).


NYC on a budget: Club Free Time


Looking for free things to do in NYC? Club Free Time is like a friend who’s got an in!

There are so many free and affordable things happening in New York City that are worth checking out, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. CFT is a web-based organization that provides info about cultural events that take place in New York City, mainly in Manhattan. You can find detailed info about free workshops, plays, films, tours, and other events listed in one place.

For a monthly subscription of $2.95, you get access to CFT’s free activities calendar, making it easy to map out your free adventures for the month. Additionally, CFT provides information about discount tickets for music events, concerts, and even Off-Broadway shows.


The event catalog covers a broad range of topics to suit anyone’s interests. Think yoga classes, writing workshops, city walks & tours, networking and professional development - CFT covers it all. Having fun and exploring all NYC has to offer doesn’t need to be expensive.

The first event we attended was a Career Development Workshop at the Science, Industry and Business Library. It was hosted by David Lees, cofounder of The Illumination Group, an executive career coaching consultancy based in NY. Fancy!


Interesting fact: CFT started as a newsletter about free cultural events in New York in 1987, and was funded by Natella Vaidman, a Russian immigrant. Since then, the organization has grown significantly and has been featured in publications like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal!

Thank you Natella, for being the catalyst for this great resource for New Yorkers on a budget.


Wah Fung No. 1


NYC on a budget highlights budget-friendly attractions, activities and food places worth checking out. What’s your favorite spot in Chinatown?


Chinatown is known for having an abundance of great places to eat at an unbelievably low price point. One of my favorite stops is Wah Fung No. 1 on Chrystie St. just off Hester. The menu is limited to roast duck, pork, or chicken served over rice with a side of cabbage, but what they lack in variety they make up for in flavor. Don’t be surprised if there is a line out the door when you arrive, but don’t worry, the guys inside keep it moving quickly. While there isn’t seating in the restaurant they are located across from a park with plenty of benches to sit and enjoy your meal on a nice day.


Recommendations: Everything I have tried has been absolutely delicious, but the hands-down best deal is the pork, or chicken, over rice special. For $4.25 you get a generous amount of perfectly roasted pork or chicken over steamed rice and cabbage topped with sauce.

Cost: Everything on the menu is under $10 with most items being around $6 making for a super affordable and delicious option.

Where: 79 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002 (right off Hester)

Hours: 9 am- 7 pm

How to get there: Take the B or D to Grand St or the F to East Broadway (a 35 minute subway ride from Our Place)


Broadway without going Broke - 6 Tips


#HousemateAdvice comes from a current or past Our Place Housemate. Liedewei, from Belgium, shares her tips for seeing Broadway one the cheap.

Hi! My name is Liedewei. I’ve been living at Our Place for quite some time now and for me the most exciting thing in the city is the amazing variety of musicals and plays. You could spend every night at the theatre and still see a different show every day. “Yeah right, maybe if you have an unlimited bank account”, I hear you say as you read this, but going to the theatre doesn’t have to be expensive. Read on for 6 different ways to see a Broadway show and still have money for groceries.


1. Download an app

There are a few apps to help you find discounted tickets. I always use TodayTix. This app lists numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, as well as other select types of shows across NYC (and other cities). Browse through their offerings or search for that specific play you’ve been dying to see and check out their discounts for the next couple of weeks. If you can’t find a nice deal today, maybe something will pop up tomorrow. Be aware of the additional fees as you budget your night out - most of my purchases had a $12.50 fee per ticket.


2. Rush hour tickets

If you want to avoid fees (which come along with most tickets), try rush tickets. These tickets are usually $29-$50 and sold at the box office on a first come first serve basis. True fans might be standing in line hours before the box office opens! I “rushed” once to see Jason Mraz in Waitress… I arrived at the box office 2 hours prior to opening and was the last one to get a ticket, leaving lots of people behind me empty handed. If you’re considering rushing, come prepared! Dress according to the season, bring food & drink and a friend to keep your spot when you need a bathroom break. These tickets might not be the best seats in the theatre, since they are generally the last ones to be sold, but your wallet will thank you.

3. Standing room tickets

For some shows you can buy a standing room ticket. These are generally a few dollars cheaper than the rush hour tickets. Most of the shows will only offer these tickets when the theater is sold out. In other words: it’s a nice way to sneak into the popular shows, if you are willing to stand the whole evening.

4. Broadway Lottery

Some shows give you the option to enter for a chance to win up to 2 cheap tickets ($10-$50) to a same-day or next-day performance. Depending on the show, you can either enter in person or online. Participating in the lottery is free, but if you win you’ll need to pay for the discounted ticket/s.

In person: Frankly, I have never done an in person lottery. From what I’ve heard, you show up at the theatre at a certain time, enter your name and the number of tickets you want (1 or 2) and wait for the lucky names to be drawn. An Our Place housemate won an in-person lottery for Book of Mormon, and paid $32 per ticket to sit in the front center row.


Online: The majority of Broadway shows I have seen were online lottery wins. There are 2 websites that give access to a variety of lotteries: Lucky Seat and Broadway Direct. If you win, both sites give you exactly 1 hour from the announcement to purchase the tickets before they get passed onto the next person in line.

Lucky Seat hosts $30-$42 (per ticket) lotteries for musicals across America. You can enter anytime for the next 7 days and you can even arrange for a text message to notify you when you have won. This is handy since you may not be looking at your email when the announcement as made and you don’t want to miss that 1 hour window to purchase.

To win $30-$42 tickets from Broadway Direct, you’ll have to enter for each show during the period that the lottery is open which is generally the same night or next day as the show. They will email the results when the lottery closes, which is at a different time for every lottery. I’ve missed a lot of wins due to this system, so now I set an alarm whenever I play on this site.

Hamilton: If you’re one of the many people who want to see Hamilton without emptying your bank account, there are two ways to win the opportunity to purchase their $10 tickets. You can enter Lucky Seat, AND on Hamilton’s very own app! The app also gives you access to a lot more content about the musical such as merchandise, news, trivia and karaoke, just through a few clicks on your smartphone.

Visit this post from to learn which shows have rush hour tickets, standing room tickets and lotteries.


5. Broadway Roulette

If your goal is to see a Broadway show and you don’t have a preference or particular show in mind, Broadway Roulette might be for you. For $49-$59 you choose a date and they let you know what show you will be attending. Interested? Give it a shot ;)

6. Broadway Week

Last but not least, ‘Broadway Week’ happens twice a year. During this time period (which is often longer than a week), select shows offer 2-for-1 tickets. Sales start a few weeks in advance on Broadway Show Tickets, NYC Go, or on a regular ticket sale website with the BWAYWK promo code. For the specific period and rules, Google will tell all!


Hopefully you’re already on your way to a Broadway show at discount, but if you still have questions, can be a very helpful website. Keep an eye out for show-specific offers such as discounted tickets, 2-for-1 tickets, second ticket for $10, free anniversary performances, and more. I often stumble upon these offers on social media. In any case, best of luck with the lottery! And please take me as your +1…