Bombay Heights


Neighborhood spotlights are a local recommendation with some quick info for must-try spots in our area. What’s your go to spot for Indian Food in Brooklyn? Let us know in the comments.

Bombay Heights is our favorite neighborhood Indian restaurant. Expect delicious food, large portions, and friendly staff. Call in your order and pick it up just 15 minutes later. If you decide to dine-in, there’s no shortage of Bollywood music videos to keep you entertained as you wait for your food.

Recommendations: Chicken makhani, samosas, naan!

Cost: A main dish will probably cost $12 - $15. Dine in Monday - Friday between 12p - 4p and save 25%!

Where: 1070 Bedford Ave Ave (between Clifton Pl and Greene Ave), Brooklyn - walk from Our Place in 2 minutes